Providing 24 hour a day/7 days a week emergency response

Our Services that the Corinth Fire Department provides


Fire Suppression and Hazardous Materials

Our Department responds to a multitude of calls for service involving fire.  As our mission statement, we respond to all reports of fires, whether it be a structure fire, a grass/brush fire, a vehicle fire, reported fire/smoke alarm, illegal burns, etc. As such, we are charged by the Ky Fire Commission to respond and extinguish these fires.

Our department also responds to Hazardous Materials incidents where a fuel/chemical that may be harmful to the environment or human life is present.


Auto Accidents and Rescue

Our department responds to reports of car accidents that may have injury.  We provide emergency medical care until EMS arrives, as well as if the driver/passenger of this auto accident may be entrapped, we extricate utilizing hydraulic "Jaws of Life" extrication tools.  We also provide locations and safety in the event that AEROMEDICAL helicopter is needed to transport seriously injured patients to the hospital.

Our department responds to rescue incidents where a subject may need rescue from water, heights, building collapse, etc.


BLS Emergency Medical First Response

Our department is automatically dispatched with ambulance services to provide Basic Life Support care until the ambulance service arrives on scene. In doing this, it allows a quicker access to medical care to the residents and visitors to Corinth area. Ambulances that respond to this area can be as little as 10 miles away, however they can be as far away as 20 miles.

Our department, in conjunction with Dry Ridge Fire Department, house and operate (as membership allows) an ALS/BLS ambulance out of our fire station. This ambulance can respond to all reports of medical calls, and transport to the hospital.

Corinth Volunteer Fire Department


Mission Statement


Over the years, the Corinth Volunteer Fire Department has served the citizens and visitors to Grant County, more specifically, the Southern region of Grant County and Southern Portion of Owen County for many years. Over these years, the Fire Department has protected life and property from fire. As the times have changed, and the department could not just provide fire protection any longer. The Corinth Volunteer Fire Department had to change and evolve with the times, and include in its services; Fire Protection, Extrication from MVA's, Medical Responses (First Responder), hazardous materials responses, rescue (both general and technical rescue). So as you can see the Fire Department has changed over the years.

The Corinth Fire Department is a totally volunteer agency at this time, with hopes that a partial paid or fully paid department may one day be in the future of the department.

Our apparatus includes 2 fire engines. One engine provides front line fire attack for structure fires. A second line attack pumper for fires and auto accidents requiring extrication with the Jaws of Life. Agency also has in its arsenal, 1 tanker that provide a total of 2000 gallons of water to a fire scene when needed. An EMS BLS First Responder unit that responds to First Responder/EMS calls to provide Basic Life Support and First Aid to and any and all that require medical care. A 4x4 Brush Truck that responds to all reported grass/brush fires. An ALS/BLS ambulance that is owned by Dry Ridge Fire Department, and responds (when volunteers area available) to EMS calls.

Upcoming events of the Corinth Fire Department

During the month of April, 2019, Corinth Fire Department will be conducting Hydrant testing within the jurisdiction. If you happen to see our personnel out, please be cautious as we are doing this testing of the hydrants.

Our Department giving back to the community

The Corinth Volunteer Fire Department personnel train diligently to provide the best service to our community as we are able to.  ISO (Insurance Services Organization) has recognized and tested our department to standards that rate each and every fire department in the nation. The rating allows property owners to obtain a better Insurance Rate on their homes.  If a fire department rates high on this scale, then insurance premiums that the property owner pays is higher than a department that has a lower rating. Corinth Volunteer Fire Department is proud to say that our ISO rating is a 5 within 5 miles from our fire station, and a 5x outside the 5 mile radius.  We work hard to keep our rating this low, and strive to get this rating even lower.


Q: Why does the fire trucks have to run the sirens at all hours of the night?

A:  Kentucky state law states that all emergency vehicles shall have a siren activated when utilizing emergency lighting to respond to emergency calls.  Exceptions to this are ambulances and police.

Q: Why do the the fire fighters have to drive fast in their personal vehicles?

A: Our department is a totally volunteer agency, in which, our personnel do not stay at the fire house like a Paid department would have personnel in the station at all times.  So in saying this, our volunteers are responding as quickly as they can to the fire station to staff the apparatus that will be responding to your emergency.  This emergency could be a friend, neighbor, family member, or visitor to the area in need of a fire being extinguished, person may be unconscious inside a home that is on fire, or a medical life threatening emergency, or a vehicle accident where severe injury has occurred.

Q: What do I need to do if I see a vehicle with emergency lights/siren operating.

A: As the law states, persons should slow down and/or pull over to allow emergency units to safely go around you. Our personnel are attempting to get to an emergency call as quickly and as safely as possible.  Just remember, the fire truck/ambulance/or volunteer firefighter may be responding to your friend, neighbor or family member that has called 911.

Q: Why does the fire department waste my tax dollars driving around when there is no emergency

A: The only people in Grant County that pay taxes to the fire department are the citizens that live in the City limits of Dry Ridge and Williamstown.  There are no tax dollars that are collected outside of those cities.  The Grant County Fiscal Court adopted an ordinance where a fee is collected on the tax bill, however this is not a TAX.